Matt Rodriguez live on Gary Garver- 'Controlled Chaos' Radio Show

Live from iHeart Radio, Candidate for Sheriff Matt Rodriguez calls into the 'Controlled Chaos' radio show to discuss his candidacy for Los Angeles County Sheriff.

'Live and Unscripted' radio show with Captain Matt Rodriguez Hour 1&2

Capt. Matt Rodriguez (ret.) with guests: Congressional candidate Joe Collins, Michelle Lyons, Ted Nugent and TJ Johnson with

Matt Rodriguez speaking live on 'Al Aire con El Terrible' radio show

Candidate for Sheriff Matt Rodriguez speaking live with host Terry Cortez, to discuss why Alex Villanueva is lying and why it's time we embrace a change.

Matt Rodriguez speaking live on 'The Wayne Allyn Root' radio show

Candidate for Sheriff Matt Rodriguez speaking live with host Wayne Allyn Root, to address L.A. County's difficult times and how he is ready to overcome this.


Paula Ramirez – Campaign Manager

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216 S. Citrus St, #220 West Covina, CA, 91791


Dear Friends,

I am very concerned.  Los Angeles County has become much more dangerous over the last several years, particularly for Women, Children and the Elderly.  Misguided Criminal Justice reform is decaying our communities.  I am Matt Rodriguez.  I am running to be the Sheriff of Los Angeles County. 

As Sheriff, I will prioritize the safety of your Families and our Communities.  I will partner with churches, community organizations and other governmental partners to prevent crime where possible and support Victims of crimes, always.

I cannot do it alone.  I need your help.  Vote for me on June 7 and your voice will be heard. 

Take back your community!  Vote Matt Rodriguez for Sheriff 2022. 

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